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Why Lockouts are GOOD

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

We hated the basketball-shaped hole in our direct tv TV schedules that was left by the lockout but you know, at the end of the day lockouts are actually GOOD for the players and the teams not to mention the fans. How, you ask? It’s simple:
Lockouts Bring Big Business – Aside from the fact that lockouts lose cities crucial revenue while games are out they generally get business back with a bang when the teams start up. Between the publicity and the press, basketball’s biggest cities don’t miss a thing.
Players Get Weeded Out – Lockouts have a tendency to weed out the players who are just in it for the money and the ones who actually love the game – the money grubbers are often traded to teams they’ll never be heard from on again.
Fans Get Rabid – If you ever want to have your voice heard as a fan, particularly if you live in a smaller market like the Kings or the Bobcats, lockouts are the time. Show the teams how much you support them during a lockout and watch team-move talks stop.